This course presents an overview of modern technologies within the context of culture, communication, and education. The students will explore and discuss the place of new technologies in everyday personal and professional life. Specific applications will be examined with consideration of their use in modern culture, communication, learning, and teaching.

Students will explore the issues related to the radical changes which new technologies brought to our life and more specifically to the way we communicate, obtain and analyze information, learn, and engage in entertainment. In this context, they will explore and reflect on ethical issues and issues related to personal privacy.

Working individually, the students will explore assigned readings and will present them to the entire class. Each student will work on a specific topic. He/she will read about the topic and will summarize the main points of the readings and present his/her own reflection in a multimedia presentation which he/she will share with peers. The student will formulate a discussion topic and will initiate and moderate a discussion forum on this topic. Each student will read all assigned readings in order to be able to participate constructively in all forum discussions. At the end of the course, each student will complete and individual assignment – an essay on a topic related to the issues discussed in the course. The topic will be formulated by the student.