The Introduction to Psychology course has three main objectives: (1) to provide accurate, efficient and broad presentation of the field of psychology, to introduce students to the theories, research and applications that build the science of psychology, (2) to provide an incentive for students to start thinking as psychologists even after the actual content of the course has faded and to promote better understanding and appreciation of the basis of psychology, (3) to arouse the intellectual curiosity of students and to help raise the awareness of how psychology can enhance their understanding of the world around them and their everyday interpersonal relationships. The course meets one of the requirements for obtaining a teaching qualification by Bulgarian students from non-Psychology BA programs. Of course, these goals are interdependent, because if the course content accurately represents the nature of psychology, students' understanding and interest in the field will follow naturally. The aim is each topic to include the fundamental authors, research studies, and research results so that students could appreciate and understand the everyday relevance of psychology and its potential to improve the quality of their lives. The aim is students be exposed to the content - and promise - of psychology but also this to be done in a way that will trigger their interest in the area and, hopefully, will keep it alive.